• A hybrid management platform empowers enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation.
  • Instant response provides real-time data insights for business strategies.
  • High security and scalability maximize the value of the metering system.


Featured Function of HMRS

  • AI algorithm recognizes photos of the dial-plate of analog meters as numbers.
  • Digital & analog meters are managed on ONE platform.
  • It enables instantaneous interaction between cloud monitoring system and controlling devices around the meter.
  • Intelligent data collection and management facilitate consumption estimation and on-site device control.
  • The system supports distributed and large-scale deployment, provides real-time reports on consumption data and field device status.
  • The system is highly scalable and supports various sensors.
  • Industrial-grade security protocols are applied to ensure data security.

Smart Meter Reading Module

ELITEUN Smart Meter Reading Module is self-developed high-end device which takes pictures of the meter by its embedded camera then recognizes the digits in the reading. With Power-bus, this module helps to remotely and intelligently read, monitor and manage meters in real-time.

Data Acquisition Unit

ELITEUN Data Acquisition Unit is applied in analog, digits, or hybrid meter reading scenarios to supervise and supply power to Smart Meter Reading Module, converting protocols and providing other functions. It downlinks to Smart Meter Reading Module through Power-bus, and uplinks to Relay Server through RS-485.

ELITEUN ICC(Industrial Control Computer)

ELITEUN Industrial Control Computer with strong computation can provide ultra-fast data processing and access experience. Its high scalability is applicable to various scenarios, such as industrial operations, intelligent detection, intelligent security, etc.