• The system delivers an efficient, multi-dimensional and vigorously secured management mechanism to meet high safety requirements
  • The unified communication and coordination among multiple subsystems are managed on the same platform to greatly improve operation efficiency
  • All data are securely collected and stored to provide a multi-dimensional data reference for future management analysis, safety optimization and for elimination of potential risks
  • The industrial-grade design and world-class quality make sure the devices to be deployed conveniently and the system to function stably in harsh environments


Featured Function of MVSS

  • License plates, driver faces, vehicle undercarriage and structured video are displayed, identified and recorded on the same platform to quickly create multi-dimensional security files.
  • Seamless coordination among each module enables a unified, multi-integrated security management mechanism.
  • Powerful safety functions are embedded, such as mass storage of 50,000 faces on one single AI camera, accurate recognition of driver’s face behind windshield, and supporting different license plate format of multiple countries.
  • Innovative built-in technologies such as video structuring and vehicle undercarriage imaging ensure the accurate recording of vehicle characteristics from multiple scenarios as well as the completeness of its underside image.
  • Information such as license plate, driver’s face, vehicle undercarriage imaging and structured video can be captured while vehicles are in motion at a speed up to 30km/h, which significantly boosts inspection efficiency.

UVSS Scan Camera

A powerful and easily maintained product with modularity design, multi-layer seals and military-grade protection. The air-drying circulation system prevents mist or foggy lens. Anti-vibration and image stabilization guarantee high-quality photo snap.

License Plate Recognition Camera

5-megapixel HD CMOS camera; License plate recognition accuracy >95%; Fill light to enhance recognition under poor light conditions and plate color recognition; Ingress Protection: IP66.

Face Snap Camera

5-megapixel HD CMOS camera; starlight imaging plus ultra-wide dynamic range; excellent capture rate with an accuracy≥99% and repeated capture less than 10%; great adaptiveness to various harsh conditions; face recognition database of max. 1 million records

Surveillance Video Camera

IR bullet network camera; supports cloud platform access; infrared fill light; IP66 waterproof and dustproof; high definition stream suitable for scenarios demanding image quality but with inadequate lighting conditions, such as dim or dark environment in shadowed roads, warehouses, underground parking lots, pipelines, parks, etc.

Image Processing Server

Core I7 6 core 3.2-4.6GHz, 12MB cache, memory 16G DDR4, 1T hard drive; instant response and high performance; system remains stable after long-term operation.

Smart Gateway

ELITEUN Bee Force™ smart gateway can be flexibly deployed with its modularity design. Its extraordinary performance and scalability support multiple interfaces, protocols and mass device connection, delivering a safer, more reliable and more intelligent network management for customers.

Distribution Box

It is made of aviation material and equipped with intensified fire resistance and wear resistance, phase loss protection, intelligent central control, latency-free response, simple configuration and easy maintenance