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Eliteun Fever Screening Thermal Imaging System Deployed at Dongguan School

Although the peak of COVID 19 seems to have passed, it is still imperative to watch out for a second wave due to its strong infectiousness. Eliteun’s thermal imaging system which remotely measures passengers’ body temperature is specifically designed to safeguard the re-opening of businesses and schools. On Apr 7th 2020, Eliteun FSTIS (Fever Screening Thermal Imaging System) was deployed at Dongguan EtonHouse Foreign Language School, to ensure teachers and students a safe returning. Eliteun FSTIS provides live video stream in visible light and in thermal imaging. Passengers’ body temperatures are marked in real-time and normal temperature is displayed in green. Any thermal temp scans that come over pre-set value (usually 37.3°) will be marked in red and trigger an alert notification on the right column which calls for a double check with medical-grade thermometer. The system is composed of a bi-spectral camera, black body for temperature calibration as well as an industrial control computer to run algorithm, to process…

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Eliteun establishes a strategic cooperation with Guangdong Fangdian Law Firm

On 2020 Jan 13th, a listing ceremony was held in Eliteun Group, appointing Guangdong Fangdian Law Firm (Fangdian) as Eliteun’s official corporate legal counsel. This event marks a constructive step in Eliteun’s strategic management development to enhance risk control capability and to further enforce refined and professionalized management. Eliteun CEO Vincent Pan, CTO Leo Luo, Fangdian partner Liang Chi and lawyer representatives all attended the ceremony. Fangdian representative group learned about Eliteun self-developed AIoT application systems as well as Eliteun operation status quo, tailored an all-round legal service proposal including internal operation and external partnership, in aim to strengthen Eliteun’s risk control strategy and the awareness on laws and compliances, safeguarding Eliteun’s speedy and stable growth. While Eliteun is on a fast track of development, Fangdian’s onboarding will play an important part in preventing and resolving possible legal disputes along the way and boosting a healthier development. With the help of Fangdian team, Eliteun will be equipped with a thorough…

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2019 ELEXCON- Shenzhen International IoT-Smart Future Expo

2019 IoT World-China Shenzhen International IoT-Smart Future Expo was held in Shenzhen Convention Center from Dec.19th to 21st. The event has been at the forefront of the IoT revolution, connecting global tech pioneers with progressive customers to enable implementation of IoT in diverse industries and scenarios across the world. IoT World covers security, energy & utilities, construction, automotive, supply chain & logistics, manufacturing plus much more with major global brands showcasing most advanced technologies and products. Eliteun participated in “2019 ELEXCON”, introducing highly adaptive AIoT solutions, software platforms and component devices, featuring Lightweight IoT Access Control System (LIACS), Multi-factor Vehicle Surveillance System (MVSS), Hybrid Meter Reading System (HMRS). As Eliteun’s flagship product, MVSS attracted most attention for its real-time recognition. MVSS contains three sub-systems, face recognition, license plate recognition (LPR), vehicle undercarriage scan. Visitors streamed in to learn about its extraordinary functions such as unified management platform, user-friendly design, real-time surveillance video, multiple safety inspection, data encryption, analysis report and more….

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2019 Great Bay Area Summit (GBAS)

2019 Great Bay Area Summit (GBAS) on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence was held in Shenzhen from Nov. 1st to 2nd. The event was jointly hosted by China Science and Technology Exchange Center, Shenzhen Association for Science and Technology and Shenzhen Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association. As one of the standing members of Shenzhen Internet of Things Industry Association, ELITEUN Group was invited to the exhibition where three of ELITEUN IoT systems made their debut all together. Lightweight IoT Access Control System (LIACS), Multi-factor Vehicle Surveillance System (MVSS) and Hybrid Meter Reading System (HMRS), they and their subsystems can either be deployed independently, or combined flexibly to make up different solutions. Innovative technologies, comprehensive functions, various applicable scenarios attracted many industry friends, domestic and foreign users to visit for consultation.   Picture above shows the demo of LIACS. The system brings extraordinary advantages of lightweight and easy deployment for its extensive capability to support both wired or wireless authentication methods such as…

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ELITEUN Group Joins Parking Technology Industry Association of Shenzhen

Parking Technology Industry Association of Shenzhen (PTIASZ) was established on October 24, 2017. Its fellow member enterprises cover a variety of specialized fields in public parking lot management, parking equipment R&D, manufacturing, installation, construction and maintenance, parking lot transportation facilities design and construction, site surveying & mapping, intelligent parking informatization, as well as expert parking management, etc. The association is entrusted by a competent authority of the government parking industry to carry out industry self-regulation, industry service quality evaluation and training in accordance with relevant regulations. Moreover, the Association participates in the research and development of parking industry development projects and the revision of normative standards established by government departments, and proposes initiatives to the government departments to advance parking industry development. ELITEUN Multi-factor Vehicle Clearance System (MVCS) is committed to providing a comprehensive solution to all customers with a critical demand for security, forging a tough shield to safeguard all facilities and assets. ELITEUN’s participation in PTIASZ will help…

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ELITEUN Rooftop Barbecue – a partner get-together

From 2018 to 2019, ELITEUN Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. had a series of breakthrough and grew rapidly. Business scale-up brought an expansion of the team, which requested more space, so the company added and moved into a new office on March 13th, 2019. To celebrate, ELITEUN invited customers, industry experts and other partners from Singapore, Philippine, Hong Kong and other places to join the rooftop barbecue in the new office park. Guests, team members were all exuberant in exchanging ideas and participating in cutely designed games, enjoying a fun night of friendship, teamwork, laughter and joy. Business partners are exchanging opinions about ELITEUN digital & analog Hybrid Meter Reading System (HMRS) components. Everyone was enjoying himself. The rooftop was full of delights.