Eliteun establishes a strategic cooperation with Guangdong Fangdian Law Firm

On 2020 Jan 13th, a listing ceremony was held in Eliteun Group, appointing Guangdong Fangdian Law Firm (Fangdian) as Eliteun’s official corporate legal counsel. This event marks a constructive step in Eliteun’s strategic management development to enhance risk control capability and to further enforce refined and professionalized management. Eliteun CEO Vincent Pan, CTO Leo Luo, Fangdian partner Liang Chi and lawyer representatives all attended the ceremony.

Fangdian representative group learned about Eliteun self-developed AIoT application systems as well as Eliteun operation status quo, tailored an all-round legal service proposal including internal operation and external partnership, in aim to strengthen Eliteun’s risk control strategy and the awareness on laws and compliances, safeguarding Eliteun’s speedy and stable growth.

While Eliteun is on a fast track of development, Fangdian’s onboarding will play an important part in preventing and resolving possible legal disputes along the way and boosting a healthier development. With the help of Fangdian team, Eliteun will be equipped with a thorough legal sense to stride in full force as a responsible enterprise that brings benefits to employees, to stakeholders and to society.

Eliteun CEO Vincent introducing AIoT systems to Fangdian Parnter Liangchi

Eliteun group and Guangdong Fangdian reached a strategic cooperation

All representatives at the listing ceremony

Release Date: 2020/01/15