Eliteun Fever Screening Thermal Imaging System Deployed at Dongguan School

Although the peak of COVID 19 seems to have passed, it is still imperative to watch out for a second wave due to its strong infectiousness. Eliteun’s thermal imaging system which remotely measures passengers’ body temperature is specifically designed to safeguard the re-opening of businesses and schools. On Apr 7th 2020, Eliteun FSTIS (Fever Screening Thermal Imaging System) was deployed at Dongguan EtonHouse Foreign Language School, to ensure teachers and students a safe returning.

Eliteun FSTIS provides live video stream in visible light and in thermal imaging. Passengers’ body temperatures are marked in real-time and normal temperature is displayed in green. Any thermal temp scans that come over pre-set value (usually 37.3°) will be marked in red and trigger an alert notification on the right column which calls for a double check with medical-grade thermometer.

The system is composed of a bi-spectral camera, black body for temperature calibration as well as an industrial control computer to run algorithm, to process and store video (or a desktop depending on specific scenario or user’s choice). A pedestal also comes in handy to hold the camera and to move around. The entire design aims to offer an easy-to-use fever detection access control solution with most quick and convenient setup.

Release Date: 2020/05/10