ELITEUN Group Joins Parking Technology Industry Association of Shenzhen

Parking Technology Industry Association of Shenzhen (PTIASZ) was established on October 24, 2017. Its fellow member enterprises cover a variety of specialized fields in public parking lot management, parking equipment R&D, manufacturing, installation, construction and maintenance, parking lot transportation facilities design and construction, site surveying & mapping, intelligent parking informatization, as well as expert parking management, etc.

The association is entrusted by a competent authority of the government parking industry to carry out industry self-regulation, industry service quality evaluation and training in accordance with relevant regulations. Moreover, the Association participates in the research and development of parking industry development projects and the revision of normative standards established by government departments, and proposes initiatives to the government departments to advance parking industry development.

ELITEUN Multi-factor Vehicle Clearance System (MVCS) is committed to providing a comprehensive solution to all customers with a critical demand for security, forging a tough shield to safeguard all facilities and assets. ELITEUN’s participation in PTIASZ will help improving our system application, deepening information exchange on industry cutting-edge technologies, and ultimately, boosting industry prosperity altogether.

Release Date: 2019/10/12