DTU Serial Port Server

DTU Serial Port Server

ELITEUN DTU Serial Port Server can transmit data transparently between wired network port and RS232/RS485/RS422 interface. With TCP/IP protocol stack integrated, it greatly enhances business competitiveness by easily completing the network function of embedded devices.

  • New ARM core, industrial operating temperature range, carefully optimized TCP/IP stack
  • Support virtual serial port working mode, provide corresponding software (ELT-VCOM)
  • Support static IP address or DHCP to automatically obtain IP addresses, and can inquire devices on the network through the UDP broadcast protocol
  • Support Modbus Gateway
  • With built-in webpage to configure parameters, and customized webpages are available
  • Support the keepalive mechanism to quickly detect anomalies such as disconnection and then restore connection right away
  • Hardware watchdog function and automatic reboot to ensure reliability and stability
  • Support one-way WebSocket function to realize bi-directional transmission of data between webpage and serial port
  • Support serial AT command

Key Features


Category Specification
Hardware specification Working voltage DC 5~36 V
Working current [email protected]
Power protection Anti-reverse Connection, ESD protection: 15KV, Anti-surge: 4KV(8/20us) EFT: 1.5KV 100KHZ
Network port specifications RJ45, 10/100Mbps, Self-adaptive
Support serial port RS232/RS485/RS422
Serial port baud rate 600~230.4K(bps)
Serial port protection ESD protection: 8KV , Anti-surge: 4KV(8/20us)
Software specification Networking protocol IPV4, TCP/UDP
IP acquisition Static IP, DHCP
DNS support
User configuration Software configuration, Web page configuration, Serial/network AT command
Simple pass-through TCP Server/TCP Client/UDP Server
/UDP Client, support for dual sockets
Modbus Support for Modbus Gateway
Web page to serial port supporting WebSocket communication mode
Custom webpage support
RFC2217-like support
Httpd Client support(GET/POST)
TCP Server connection Supports up to 8 TCP connections
Average transmission delay <10ms
Others Dimensions 86*81*24mm(L*W*H)
Operating temperature -40~85℃
Storage temperature -45~105℃
Operating humidity 5%~95% RH(no-condensing)
Storage humidity 5%~95% RH(no-condensing)