Smart Meter Reading Module

Smart Meter Reading Module

ELITEUN Smart Meter Reading Module is self-developed high-end device which takes pictures of the meter by its embedded camera then recognizes the digits in the reading. With Power-bus, this module helps to remotely and intelligently read, monitor and manage meters in real-time.

  • Intelligent identification of non-smart meter scale
  • Support hybrid connection of both smart and non-smart meter
  • Support wired or wireless transmission from terminal to cloud
  • Support remote intelligent control
  • Mass deploy and management at a scale up to million devices
  • Connectivity to various sensors to support real-time on-site monitoring
  • Simple implementation, flexible deployment and easy maintenance
  • Open system for easy connection to third-party system

Key Features


Category Specification
CPU MCU Espressif Systems  ESP32 Xtensa 32-bit LX6
Frequency 2-60MHz
Wireless 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Process 40nm
Camara OV2640 UXGA 1600 x 1200
Output Format 8-bit YUV 422/420 / YCbCr422 RGB565/555
Pixel 200W
Focal length 3.2 meters
Aperture 2.8
Field of view 60°
Others Power type POWERBUS
Input voltage 24V
Current 10mA
Operating temperature -25℃~70℃
Certification IEC II 3G Ex ic IIC T6 Gc