• ELITEUN IoT application management platform supports HMRS, LIACS and MVSS, which be further divided into water, electricity and gas meter reading system, face recognition, finger recognition, license plate recognition, vehicle feature recognition, under vehicle surveillance system (UVSS), etc. These systems can be adopted independently or grouped as needed to build an all-round intelligent IoT solution. They are lightly, quickly and conveniently deployed and maintained, perfectly fitting in diverse scenarios such as factories, buildings, airports, border ports, convention centers, stadiums, hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • ELITEUN is also dedicated to designing and developing commercial AIoT application systems, adaptive UI/UX for customers based on specific scenarios and business requirements. All standard or custom systems can directly connect to existing system, providing customers with extreme usability and convenience.


  • ELITEUN Bee Force Cloud platform, relay systems, hardware management platform are all highly compatible and scalable for their comprehensive capacity to support common multiple interfaces, industrial protocols. Other services such as data integration with external systems, integration of industrial protocols, data encryption and database deployment are also provided.
  • ELITEUN offers powerful connection services to assure efficient, safeguarded and reliable data transmission, delivering a smooth and perfected all-round chain of information value.


  • To connect, manage diverse edge devices including sensors or controllers. The distributed or centralized management methods help to reinforce monitor and control over remote sites, constructing a dynamic IoT ecosystem on edge.
  • ELITEUN offers extensive services such as developing custom hardware and firmware, embedding algorithms in edge devices, realizing hardware control logics, etc.